March 5, 2019

Tale of the Tee

For nearly a decade, SixSpeed has concepted and designed a t-shirt for our clients, potential clients, vendors, family members, anyone who wants one—even if they don’t know they want one. It started with a simple, metal gas can of Grade A Hustle because that’s one of the things that fuels our machine. The subsequent shirts have been designed to symbolize our values. This year’s north star was simply, Win As One—because great things happen when we work together with our partners to accomplish a common goal.

The chosen design (below) featured the many components of our business, who SixSpeed is, who we work with, and how we work together to succeed in a way that’s unique to who we are.

When you get yours, like it, love it, wear it, enjoy it. And, we think you will. Because although it’s just a t-shirt, it means a whole lot more. And, if you’re reading this and haven’t already gotten one, holler at us—we have a few extra.


Ready to shift into high gear?