February 26, 2016

Ford Explorer Be Unstoppable Fan Challenge

How do you reward your most loyal fans? If you’re Ford Motor Company, you create the 2016 Ford Explorer Be Unstoppable Fan Challenge. Then you send four pairs of fans on a crazy head-to-head scavenger hunt and brand activation in two BCS Bowl cities—the Capital One Orange Bowl in Miami, and the Goodyear Cotton Bowl in Dallas—all to see what being unstoppable really means.

SixSpeed collaborated with Team Detroit to take the fan challenge concept on paper into the real world, planning and executing the brand activation and content capture for four teams in two different cities. Note to future selves: planning, filming and pulling off an urban scavenger hunt on wheels between Christmas and New Years in two of America’s biggest cities on the exact same day is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, we’ve grown comfortable in the anarchy of doing the impossible and successfully helped tell the story of the 2016 Ford Explorer Be Unstoppable Fan Challenge.

The winners of our challenges advanced to Glendale, Arizona, site of the BCS National Championship Game, where they competed in the final leg of the competition to win a 2016 Ford Explorer.


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