May 19, 2016

Behind the Scenes of Red Bull Snow Boundaries

The world of professional snowmobile racing has its fair share of events and race types that make it a white knuckle sport. But never before has a single event taken the very best attributes of those sports and combined them into one ultimate race unlike any other.

After years of planning, unseasonably warm weather, and a few tons of snowmaking, Red Bull Snow Boundaries finally roared onto the scene this winter. A grueling 8-mile course that combined aspects of numerous snowmobile racing types, Snow Boundaries proved to be an event that exceeded both expectations and attendance goals.

But building a motorsport from scratch is no walk in the park. Everything from course design and preparation to marketing and media experiences had to be carefully planned and executed with precision.

Here’s a collection of photos that give you a peek behind the curtain to see what it takes to create a motorsport from start to finish.

Creative and Design

Working with Red Bull, we produced a logo and complete design language that would be translated across social media, site branding and numerous marketing materials.

Rules and Competition Flow

We developed a cohesive set of rules for Snow Boundaries, and included a flow of how the competition would unfold.

Media Experience and Coverage

For an event of such scale, content capture was a major focus. From photo and videographers to drone pilots and social strategists, SixSpeed created a premium media experience that allowed personnel to stay warm and dry while they set up their equipment to cover the event.

Snowmaking and Track Build

After a warm winter, one of our biggest challenges was ensuring there was enough snow on the ground to let the event take place. Around the clock snowmaking and track modification was required to keep the snow packed for riders.

MC and Live Show

Managing an entire live event requires not just a few hands, but hundreds. Communication between various teams is crucial, and our staff was there to make sure everything went off without a hitch.


Photo Credits: Red Bull Media House, Adventure Studios, Ryan Taylor Visual, Aaron Bedford

Special Thanks: Red Bull, ERX, Carlson Motorsports, 357 Marketing, Cannon Bomb Productions, USXC


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