MAY 16, 2023



As an agency, we consider people first in all things: product development, organizational structure, and marketing (of course). With that belief firmly in-hand, we’ve been thinking about the pet industry over the past couple years. One thought led to another and we didn’t need to consult an astrophysicist to realize something: pets are people, too. 

The pandemic was horrible, but there are a few silver linings. For one, 78% of pet parents acquired their pets during that time. And the amount of time and money pet owners spent with their existing pets also boomed. In general, did our furry friends like COVID? Yeah. Probably.


With new businesses entering the market all the time it’s important to stand out. Traditional marketing channels can help achieve this, sure — if they have a point of view that only your brand can embody. But we can’t help but think, what would Pet Experiential Marketing (events, activations, organized hullabaloo) look like in this new world?

Many people, companies and brands have done it well, but the world is changing. 

You may be newer to the industry scratching and clawing to make your product or services known — realizing that standing tall among legacy brands can be tough. Or maybe you’re part of a legacy brand fighting to maintain your share of the market as the world shifts under your feet. Steering a large ship among more nimble boats can be tough as you try to hold relevance with a rapidly changing set of consumers.

The bottom line is there is a reason for pet parents to trust your brand (challenger or legacy) with their pet’s health and happiness. The work is to get your message delivered with unmatched joy. We want to think about what people and their pets take away from an engagement with you — keeping in mind both veteran pet parents and the excited (sometimes stressed) new pet parents. Both can and should walk away with a sense of puppy-like wonder. And that’s very possible. 

Wherever you stand in the market, focusing on the experience, health and happiness of all the boopersnoots and cuddlebutts out there is the way to win the purchasing power of the parents.