May 16, 2018

SixSpeed Sustainability - Ditching Bottled Water

In 2017, we experienced considerable growth within our agency. We welcomed more than 20 new members to the SixSpeed family. With this kind of growth, we couldn’t help but start to think how we as a company were positively affecting the health and happiness of our employees. We’ve always understood that our long-term health as a company is inextricably linked with our employees’ health and happiness.

This mindset forces us to operate with a total view of our impact on our employees’ health and wellbeing. This includes not only their personal health but also how we as a company are caring for the environment. We’ve always strived to be mindful of all the activities that contribute to our environmental impact in a way that lives up to the expectations of our employees and clients.

A healthy business allows us to support our workers well into the future and running a healthy business to us means that we meet our traditional business objectives while caring for our employees, clients and the planet.

In late 2017, we started working toward more conscious efforts to promote wellness within our organization. We were looking for ways that would further encourage our employees to not only be active and healthy but also help them support the health of the planet. After taking a hard look at our practices, we zeroed in on the amount of bottled water which was being consumed every week at the office.


Although we always encourage our employees to stay well hydrated by keeping our drink cooler stocked with beverages, we did the math and realized that in 2017, SixSpeed used over 13,000 plastic water bottles—we know, we were shocked by that number as well. We also knew that 1 in 4 plastic water bottles end up in the trash rather than getting recycled. That’s approximately 3,250 water bottles that ended up in SixSpeed’s trash last year.

It would have been one thing to remove all the bottled water from the drink cooler and call it good, but having water disappear overnight from the cooler didn’t quite jive with our employees’ wellness either. We took this issue and decided to launch an initiative that would not only cut the amount of plastic bottle waste to zero but would also encourage our employees to be healthier and stay hydrated.

So, at the beginning of 2018, we stopped stocking the drink cooler with bottled water and instead, gave all our employees a YETI stainless steel tumbler and encouraged them to Reduce, Reuse, Rehydrate. The cups were laser etched with the Reduce, Reuse, Rehydrate logo in our shop, The Wheelhouse, and employees were encouraged to make them their own by adding some of their own flair.


The response has been pretty amazing. SixSpeeders were stoked to receive their own branded YETI gear and have been hard at work customizing their tumblers. The impact on our waste has been pretty impressive as well. So far, we’ve saved about 3,500 bottles of water which adds up to nearly 100 pounds of plastic. That also means we prevented around 875 plastic bottles from ending up in the trash.

The Reduce, Reuse, Rehydrate program is just one of the wellness initiatives we’re rolling out to the company in 2018, but it also may be one of the most important.

As we grow as an agency, we’re committed to expanding more programs like this to ensure we’re keeping our employees (and the environment) happy and healthy.


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