December 1, 2017

Custom Corporate Timeline | Internal Brand Communication

Our client, Sportech, challenged us to create a versatile corporate timeline to serve as a high impact showpiece in its office. The timeline was to showcase everything from the beginning stages of business operations to present day products and business highlights, while being flexible and interchangeable to allow for future updates.

SixSpeed delivered with an aesthetic approach of clean, modern lines with a tip of the hat to the action sports world without being too aggressive with color, texture or lighting. Some of the features include:

  • 2-day install

  • Large TV highlighting a video loop of Sportech’s career and future innovations

  • Textured patterns laser etched onto birch panels overcoated with black stain, all designed and produced in-house

  • Custom backlit light boxes highlighting key product information

  • Formed aluminum sheet panels to create a floating shelf to showcase significant moments in Sportech’s history

This collaboration of our design and creative build team took advantage of our uniquely integrated model. SixSpeed was able to take this project from concept through build and installation, with all production and management in-house.

It was a pleasure working with the Sportech team and we congratulate them on their clear articulation of their brand internally and externally.


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