MAY 14, 2019

32 Under 32 Nominee: Victoria Bartz

Victoria Bartz is one of the cornerstones of our agency operation. Looking back, she has had a role to play in nearly every brand we’ve ever supported in the past decade. When you take a closer look into our integrated approach, you will see Victoria’s influence all over it.  

In her current role as Director of Project Management, she and her department have been instrumental in creating systems that support our clients and cross-functional project teams in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Here, she reflects on her experience.  

Victoria, describe your role and the part it plays in making impactful work in this industry.

As the Director of Project Management, I oversee the process and function on all client work. Our department’s goal is to connect our integrated teams and ensure that our creative work is delivered on time, on budget and flawlessly executed. Our Project Managers are planners and problem solvers who strive to be the glue of the agency—allowing teams the resources they need to make quality creative solutions efficiently. We believe that the success of a project largely depends on the strength of the start and our project managers take pride in getting the details organized before we begin and supporting the team throughout the project lifecycle.

Describe the journey you’ve taken to get where you are today.

Before managing the department, I was a project manager myself (which was a broad title in the formative years of our agency). At the time, we were only eight people and were beginning to hit our stride. I knew that we had something special and recognized that—regardless of the many hats we had to wear—we could elevate our game with some structure. After establishing a stronger workflow and achieving success with my projects, I started lending a hand where I could on other work happening in the agency. This deed allowed me the privilege to help positively shape the way we work for many of our clients. These experiences also helped me to accumulate a breadth of knowledge across many of the core services we offer today.

This award is to celebrate the next generation of leaders who will drive us forward and define the future of marketing and advertising: What does this future world need and how are you aspiring to affect those issues within your role?  

The landscape of marketing continues to evolve, and brands are expected to keep up. We are here to help them manage the pace of today’s interactions, assuring that their communication and messages are delivering value at each touchpoint. As a department, our project management team strives to understand these advancements and equip our project teams with the resources they need to create and execute intentionally. Education empowers, and we use it to provide a better service. Our understanding and ability to adapt helps us to guide our clients through these advancements.

How has your journey equipped you with the tools to be successful in creating this future?

My past experiences have forced me to be comfortable with the unknown, to think outside of the box and to be highly adaptable in my approach. I’ve been fortunate to grow with SixSpeed, and the non-traditional path I have taken has taught me the value of being flexible, dynamic, and fearless in my endeavors. I’m also fortunate to work alongside an entire organization of talented thinkers and doers that inspire me daily. When we collaborate, we learn together—taking everyone’s insight and turning them into actions that can positively affect creative outcomes.

What does being nominated for this award mean to you?

This nomination is an honor and I feel grateful to be recognized alongside such a talented group of individuals, especially my fellow SixSpeeders. Being nominated for 32 Under 32 at this point in my career makes me feel confident that I have chosen the right path and have done my part in affecting positive change with my role.


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