32 Under 32 Nominee: Brittany Dorshak

Next up for the nominees is Brittany Dorshak—our Senior Producer who is a force to be reckoned with on location. In her four years at SixSpeed, she has written the book on heart and hustle, master-minding the operation of some of the most significant events, activations and shoots we’ve ever pulled off.

Here, she discusses the shift in consumer attention and the expansive role that producers play in creating value-rich online and offline content, as well as the importance of utilizing your naturally-given talents in your work.

Brittany, describe your role and the part it plays in making impactful work in this industry.

As a producer, it is my responsibility to bring our creative ideas to life in an honest matter that honors our client’s and their consumers’ values and beliefs. To pull this off, I strive to select people who are passionate about these products and intrinsically motivated to do good work on behalf of the brand. They say real recognizes real, right? I know the value these individuals bring to productions and do my best to nurture these relationships. Often these core connections can make all the difference in producing quality productions and collecting key insights that can better shape future creative work.

Describe the journey you’ve taken to get where you are today.

Planning has always been in my nature. From planning the most visible Super Bowl activation to making a friend’s surprise birthday party unforgettable—I do it all and do my best to make it count. When I entered advertising, I said yes to opportunities and consistently strived to provide value where I could. Always looking to be in the middle of the action, I started as a project manager and then naturally gravitated towards producing the work happening in the field. I’ve found that it both enables me to embrace my Type A personality as well as be able to offer valuable creative input during critical moments of productions which satisfies my creative imagination.

This award is to celebrate the next generation of leaders who will drive us forward and define the future of marketing and advertising: What does this future world need and how are you aspiring to affect those issues within your role?

Without question, there is a shift happening with consumer attention. Consumers can access the information they seek and are expecting brands to show up for them in valuable ways. The demand for value-rich content isn’t going to go away, and as a Producer, I hope to maximize moments where our teams can create valuable content in opportunistic ways—working harder for our clients and their budgets.

It has also been fascinating to be a part of the rise in experiential marketing and to see how these activations have subtly transitioned into content creation opportunities. The role of producers has become more expansive. We have two audiences to please—the real people in front of us, and the people behind the screen that are thousands of miles away. We are responsible for building bridges between these online and offline experiences, and ensuring that these offline experiences become a place where our brand’s communities can connect, and become platforms for our brands to share their beliefs to (and through) their passionate core.

How has your journey equipped you with the tools to be successful in creating this future?

I believe that magic is in the mechanics and that the key to success begins with a strong start. My time as a Project Manager gave me visibility into what each party needs to get started, and how to keep these parties included throughout the process. I am now further downstream in our creative work as a Producer, but know how to work effectively with the project teams I support and can actively anticipate challenges and recognize opportunities to have stronger creative success.

What does being nominated for this award mean to you?

I’m honored and humbled by this nomination, and I cannot help but feel thankful for the opportunities given to me. This nomination is validating in the sense that I am in the right spot and doing the right things. I sincerely love what I get to do day in and day out and work hard for my personal and team’s success.