Driving Tradesmen to the KO2 Tire


BFGoodrich is a perennial leader in the off-road sphere. Their best selling tire is the All-Terrain T/A® KO2, which is synonymous with traction and toughness. In the absence of a tire launch for 2019, BFGoodrich challenged us to market their best selling tire to a new audience: Tradesmen. From heavy construction work to landscaping, there’s no shortage of tough jobs and jobsites that require equally tough tires, so we set out to execute the Tradesmen Support Program. Designed by BFGoodrich, it’s the only tire program for tradesmen to give them the support they need to get the job done.

BFGoodrich Tradesmen support program


Our creative team took the insights the client delivered and set about creating a wide range of deliverables: Multiple program videos, proof point videos, print collateral and a plethora of wide-ranging digital assets. Versions of the final creative product were made to target micro-communities within the broader sphere of tradesmen including unique agriculture, commercial and residential associations.

Our production team had six weeks of prep and planning to make this program come to life. Coordinating with scouts in Los Angeles, we secured four locations to shoot over four days. With little time to make the program come together, we worked fast and efficiently, coordinating our shoot with real tradesmen talent in the area to create authenticity that consumers can’t ignore. During the shoot, assets were delivered and finalized in real time ensuring that we produced high-quality campaign creative in time for a March 1st launch. Despite the tight timeline, everything was packaged and delivered for our clients ahead of schedule.

magazine mockup


Engaging a new, horizontal audience can be challenging. We relied on real-life tradesmen and partnerships with relevant associations to deliver an authentic message of support that resonated with our target. With a strategic push and a wide range of assets across multiple media channels, tradesmen began to take notice. They saw that only BFGoodrich will help them kick downtime off the jobsite with the toughest off-road tires that are a worthy complement to their calloused hands.

examples of digital ads from facebook to what is on the current BFgoodrich site


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