Polaris' City in the Sand

We were asked to help a passion-driven brand connect with their audience. We doubled-down and built a destination ride-your-own resort in the desert – one that all who seek Send can call home.


Talk to anyone in the off-road world, and they’ll tell you that Polaris is the undisputed leader in powersports. Fueled by ingenuity, Polaris pioneers both product breakthroughs and all-out experiences that help people work and play outside. But the competition isn’t just sitting there waiting to get lapped, so Polaris needs to constantly reinvent itself – and its relationship to its audience.


For thrillseekers, going off-road isn’t just about discovering what’s around the next bend or over the top of the next dune. It’s about pushing boundaries and connecting with others who want to find their limits too. As the world’s first performance side-by-side, RZR is the perfect vehicle around which to build both healthy competition and camaraderie. Once we understood the dual nature of the RZR enthusiast, it only made sense to connect with POLARIS riders where they play.


Polaris has long looked to strengthen ties with passionate riders in real life. But in an increasingly digital world, tangible connections began to dwindle. Polaris needed a way to connect with their riders out in the world in order to continue building brand loyalty, affinity, and advocacy. 


For thrillseekers, riding side-by-sides isn’t just a thing to do, it’s an all-in lifestyle – one where “let’s get it!” and “oh sh*t!!!” meet right at the spot where the rubber leaves the road. A brand action that stayed in its lane just wasn’t gonna cut it. We needed to build an event that gave those passionate about Polaris that “the bottom is dropping out, my stomach is doing backflips, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing straight-up, but I have a sand-eating grin on my face and can’t wait to come back next year” feeling.


For years, Glamis, CA has been a destination for Powersports enthusiasts. Before RZR changed the game, they flocked to the dunes of Glamis in the Fall and Winter – when it was cool enough to ride comfortably – on quads, dirt bikes, and sand rails. So the audience was there, but we knew we could make their time in the dunes even better with an event that celebrated the off-road lifestyle and their passionate commitment to it. Enter Camp RZR.


The idea was simple, even if pulling it off was a monumental undertaking. We built a full-on city in the Imperial Sand Dunes and invited RZR Owners and members of the off-roading community to be our guests of honor for an entire weekend. Concerts, demo rides, and machine service were provided as a courtesy, and riders were welcomed to check out industry partners, their products, and custom-build competitions. All while hanging out with others as committed to the sandy asylum as they were.


Nine years later, and what started as a party in the sand has become a global celebration – one that continually strengthens the bond between RZR riders and the machines that have a knack for turning pretty good days into “that was AWESOME!” ones. Polaris’ city in the desert attracts tens-of-thousands of enthusiasts from all over the globe, earning over 500 million impressions, and casting a glow on the off-roading community that continues to show the way for current fanatics and a new generation of riders.  

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