Engaging Advocates to Launch an Off-Road Icon

Promoting a tire with adventure — not advertising

BFGoodrich defines the off-road tire category and in 2018 they introduced the world to the much-anticipated BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3. This isn’t a typical tire brand and it was essential that the launch event for their tire was anything but traditional—because an adventure seeking audience is interested in experiences, not ad campaigns. That truth set our wheels in motion.

Experiential advertising goes off-road

SixSpeed identified and engaged dozens of influencers and dealers for two once-in-a-lifetime events—one on the Rubicon Trail and the other on Mount Buller in Australia. Legendary off-road drivers as well as experience seekers from other passion-driven communities were invited, and came freely, ensuring an off-the-grid celebration as well as an opportunity to grow the culture in an organic and relevant way.

guy pointing at tires
trucks in the mountains
trucks in the mountains and an image of a tire
jeeps with helicopters
jeeps with helicopters
jeep and tire

Terrain Takeover Takes Over

Next, our team took on the duties of branding and curating the event attendee experience. We designed all collateral and custom-branded event gear and crafted and sent out hype kits to get attendees stoked. Every truck graphic, premium takeaway, and even a branded airplane design gave us a chance to give this event the impact it deserved.

jeep covered with terrain takeover
truck with logo of km3
truck with logo of km3
three image cut of jeeps and planes
two images of jeeps and planes

Destination: Results

With a great team, incredible partners and the best off-road tire in the world, The Terrain Takeover became the launch of a lifetime. The event that happened on the epic terrain of the Rubicon and Mount Buller surpassed epic expectations and captured the very essence of what off-road enthusiasts are building for.

jeep driving in a creek
father son bonding and woman driving
father son bonding
jeep in mud
jeep in mud

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