Underwater Imagination Brought To Life

A Whole New Perspective

SEA LIFE at Mall of America is the largest, most immersive aquarium in the state of Minnesota, welcoming visitors to an exciting world of underwater discovery and imagination for decades. But as competition grew in the market, those facts were starting to be overlooked by consumers. In order to remind people of the superior experience their attraction offers, SEA LIFE needed to take a distinctly different approach to their next campaign.


Getting Real

While the competition often uses aggressive and misleading tactics to get people through their doors, our solution was genuine and honest: Show people exactly what they’re going to get and put that unique experience into words. Authentic moments were captured alongside can’t-see-it-anywhere-else creatures within vast, interactive SEA LIFE exhibits and paired with an ownable exclamation that both brings it all together and reinforces their premier status:

Something For Everyone

Messaging and visual direction strategically reflected that SEA LIFE appeals to a broader audience than only kids and families. They regularly host events for groups of all ages and interests, plus it’s a popular date spot as well. A diverse cast representing this expanded audience was allowed to experience the attraction as any guest would, producing genuine moments of discovery and fun. Such a variety made it simple to keep assets fresh and communicate a focused message across multiple media types.

full banner ad in the mall plus pamphlet
full banner ad in the mall plus pamphlet
billboards and bus coverings graphics
billboards and bus coverings graphics
bus advertising examples plus social ads
bus advertising examples plus social ads

An Elevated Experience

As the campaign rolled out, the difference was striking. SEA LIFE collateral now reflects the premium product they provide and elevates above the competition. By smartly identifying what worked for the brand and reimagining what needed to evolve, SEA LIFE is able to connect on a deeper level and continue to lead for years to come.

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