Feeling The Fit

As the #1 brand in golf shoes, FootJoy knows how critical a good-fitting shoe is to performance. They also knew that approximately 70% of golfers wear the wrong size shoe, with this poor fit directly affecting their score.

To make golfers more aware of this, FootJoy had previously tried custom-fitting experiences at various golf courses. Although the event strategy was sound, the collateral used to promote it was not impactful and attendance was poor.

Through insights gained from field staff, players and courses, we knew we needed to get clubs more excited about the clinics and committed to promoting them in an easy and engaging way. We also had to better educate consumers on the benefits of a properly-fitting shoe. So we created a collateral kit paired with a cohesive digital strategy that could be delivered right to field managers in order to make event setup and scheduling seamless at any club in the country.

The kits contained a series of branded posters for the pro shops, clubhouse and locker rooms at courses. Coasters and table tents for clubhouses served to create more engagement and reach, communicating benefits to golfers with humor they could relate to. These pieces also created awareness of the events and drove the audience to custom-tailored event information online, where digital registration enabled the scheduling of schedule more—and better attended—events. And with the high conversion rates at the events, better attendance
meant better shoes sales.

With more styles and sizes combined with over 70 years of expertise, it’s no surprise FootJoy is the #1 shoe in golf. And by making it easier to showcase their product advantages to more players in a more effective way, we helped ensure that number isn’t going to change.