Federal Ammunition is synonymous with hunting but they aren’t immune to competitive headwinds in the high profile big game category. They turned to SixSpeed for an integrated campaign to connect big game hunters with a reason to think about Federal. What they didn’t anticipate was an idea that would grow to energize the entire company, its retail partners and inspire people to give Federal their undivided attention for every kind of hunting season.


We identified the truths and traditions hunters experience as they prepare for the season. The anticipation of an annual tradition. The sights and smells. The small towns. The rituals. These are the elements of a hunting season. It’s a combination of tradition and pilgrimage. The campaign tapped a part of hunting culture that Federal could plant their flag in and uniquely own.

Cohesion across our design language was essential to extend the campaign’s reach into other hunting seasons. These badges supported experiential and promotional executions, adding creative and design depth.




We challenged ourselves to integrate the campaign into the rituals and traditions of the season. That meant showing in timely and relevant places like popular regional magazines and 300+ retailers as hunters make their annual ammunition selection.

We reinforced their sportsmanship and anticipation with ads in hunting regulations books, targeted by state.

To reinforce brand loyalty, we met them on pre-season weekends at local ranges where they were sighting-in their rifles for opening morning.

We even reversed 30 years of competitor loyalty simply by swapping anyone shooting a competitor product for a comparable Federal one. The results were dramatic.

The Fusion was incredible. We went from a 2-3” group for the last 35 years to an 1 1/4” circle. It’s the most accurate my gun has ever been.

- Whitetail Hunter,
Federal Season Sight-In Event


The Federal Season campaign is an unequivocal brand-building success story. It’s a creative platform that taps the emotions every hunter experiences when their favorite hunting season is upon them. What began as a big game initiative spread to influence all facets of Federal including internal branding, retailer buy-in and sales success. Hunters across the country are now thinking, sharing and saying: It’s Federal Season.