Creating a Bold New Look Of Authority

Build a modern and flexible identity and packaging system to solve brand hierarchy and perception challenges.

Federal is an iconic American brand chosen around the world by shooting and hunting enthusiasts. In nearly 100 years of operation, Federal had grown steadily to offer the most technologically innovative and complete lineup of ammunition in the industry. The ammunition experts came to SixSpeed to overhaul the most important aspect of the brand: the brand image itself.

Building a Stronger Brand Foundation

Our first job was to align the Federal, Federal Premium and various extension brands under one roof. We knew that most of the brand equity was in the Federal name, but it wasn’t translating that way on store shelves. The packaging and identity system needed to create clarity between product segments and sub-brands.

federal patent brand before
all the federal offerings
collection of the federal offerings

An Evolution Hiding in Plain Sight

After aligning the brand portfolio structure we set out to modernize the Federal logo family. The design includes a bullet formed from the negative space between the logotype and shockwave, providing instant context to the ammunition Federal produces.

federal branding after
federal brand logo
federal brand logo

Designing a Better Shopping Experience

We used consumer-centric design thinking to align with how people shop for ammunition: brand, use and caliber—especially for product end flaps, the most common front-facing way Federal products are merchandised.

The system’s modular grid allows for a large amount of variance while giving each SKU a unique photographic identification.

The result is a consistent, premium and highly shoppable packaging design system that aligns the Federal brand under a singular vision on the shelf, and in the minds of consumers. Visual cues like the “blue box”, and “Fusion” elements have been carried forward.

A SixSpeed-managed design development process was used to roll out hundreds of SKUs across the globe.

A Reinvigorated Identity Built for the Future

The work we did re-established the bold new look of authority for Federal. In addition to a striking new look, the rebrand has captured eyes and ears on the industry’s biggest stages. It sparked renewed interest in the brand from key retail buyers, including Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops—two of the largest ammunition retailers in the world. Externally, consumers have a new and clarified reason to reach for Federal on the shelf. The project has provided much-needed synergy between the brand’s position as the world’s foremost ammunition experts and the brand’s shopping experience across its complete lineup.

The new packaging is the perfect balance between eye-catching, iconic artwork and functional design. They then turned up the creative juices and developed the most striking package look in the industry.


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