How To Launch A Flagship Off-Road Tire

How do we develop a creative messaging platform for our new KM3 Mud-Terrain tire that will inspire our global audience?

How We Identified A Truth

Using our Core Audit process, we engaged racers, shop owners, offroaders and over-landers, influencers, outdoor photographers and athletes to discover the shared values and beliefs that defined the off-road community.

Through our many conversations, one thing became clear to us: everyone is building their vehicle for something. And this truth extended well beyond the vertical communities of racers and offroaders, as horizontal enthusiasts were also building for reasons of

their own. Whether it was to conquer an obstacle, have a capable rig, or go further to find a secret surf spot, the build of the vehicle had a real purpose. And the most important part of that build? The tires—Where rubber meets the terrain.

Whether it was racing, offroading, snowboarding, mountain biking, or any other activity where the vehicle is an enabler, each user had a different motivation and connection to BFGoodrich tires.

Builder/Driver Chart
Builder/Driver Chart

How A Truth Became The Idea

The BFGoodrich KM3 deserved a creative expression that was actionable, universal and interactive. It needed to speak to adventure seekers as well as those who find inspiration wrenching in their garages all day and night. Enter What Are You Building For? It’s the question every custom builder has to ask themselves and the first question a tire salesman will ask a customer that’s hopping for off-road rubber.

person working on his truck that is wedged between the ground and a rock
four tires captioned with what are you building for
four tires captioned with what are you building for
four tires captioned with what are you building for
four tires captioned with what are you building for

Although the original ask was to support the product launch of the BFGoodrich KM3 tire, it was quickly realized that What Are You Building For? was a universal brand truth that soon was elevated to encompass their entire brand campaign, not just the KM3 launch.

How The Idea Was Put Into Action

We flipped the model by pulling the core of the community in as talent and producers for the campaign capture. We went to their turf, used their trucks and photographed their garages. In just two weeks our nimble crew captured thousands of images and hours of video footage in four unique environments to show the performance of the tires in mud, rock, and sand. Throughout our process, we included the advocates by enlisting their help to review the creative work to ensure everything was on point. The result was a years’ worth of content including print, retail, social, web and more.

collage of promotional materials such as ads and videos
collage of promotional materials such as ads and videos

The Impact

The resulting work reflected BFGoodrich’s request to develop a creative messaging platform that would resonate with a global audience. The message focused on the emotional connection builders and drivers have to their vehicles and invited them to dream big and ask themselves, What Are You Building For?

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