Every spring, the off-road community gathers in Las Vegas, Nevada for one of the most iconic races in American automotive history: The Mint 400. If you are part of this faithful, dirt-crazed community, it’s an event on the calendar that you don’t miss (even if you cannot attend). During race weekend, there’s no shortage of on-course race coverage—what is often overlooked are the stories that exist behind the scenes as race teams and crews prepare to take on the demanding course.



Prior to race weekend, we gathered insights from previous races, spoke to key opinion leaders within our network, and identified audience desires from conversations happening within the social landscape. What we uncovered: Tires are never an afterthought. To race teams, the tires are at the center of attention and can make the difference between winning and losing the race. To builders, they see the tires as the finishing touch.


Armed with these insights, our nimble crew went behind the scenes in search of stories. Because nostalgia plays a huge role in this event, we captured and shared stories about iconic builds that were racing. Going beyond race coverage, we captured pit teams in action making final adjustments and shared how these adjustments would affect performance. We also collected driver reactions from qualifying and shared how they planned on altering their approach for race day (without giving away their secrets). Most importantly, we captured and shared personal testimonies of BFGoodrich advocates.



Rather than giving our audience just another rip reel, we placed off-road fans right in the heart of the Mint 400 using stories. Additionally, we captured and collected over 50+ brand assets, earned over 1.9M impressions, and received over 12,000 engagements—all within a four day period.

Working under a tight timeline, SixSpeed immediately grasped both the culture and the essences of #BuiltOnBFG, and was able to identify and capture sharable stories that served our community—celebrating the legacy of those who are building for and creating adventure on our tires!

- Hannah Crenshaw,
Consumer Communications Manager at BFGoodrich


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