A man with a dream is a powerful thing. Just ask 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey founder Kieran Folliard. Turning his dream into a reality started by turning to our branding and storytelling expertise. Since 2011, 2GINGERS has grown from a Minnesota start up to a force within the state, and is now taking over the nation one Big Ginger at a time.


How do you successfully launch an Irish whiskey in a saturated market of legendary brands? Start locally with a damn fine whiskey, develop a signature cocktail, tell a great story and in the spirit of Kieran’s fiery-haired mother and aunt—never waste a good idea by pondering its impossibilities. That’s how. When Kieran approached us to launch his brand, we knew the story had to stay true to its Irish roots, but stand out against legends on the shelf with an original point of view. Over some pub table conversation, drinks in hand, we listened to Kieran’s story and discovered the elements that would shape the 2 GINGERS brand.


Translating the 2 GINGERS story into a compelling visual experience meant blending Irish sensibilities with distinctly Minnesotan icons. Taking inspiration from bookends in a library, the bottle design speaks to starting something big and seeing it through. While the two people who inspired it all—his mom and aunt—give their wink of approval proudly from the top of label. There’s a story behind every icon as well—from the Cooley Distillery in Ireland where 2 GINGERS gets its start to the Big Ginger drink that helped define the brand and put the whole success story in motion.


We knew that if people started asking for a Big Ginger drink, they’d start looking for it on the retail liquor shelf. We helped organize a relentless liquor store tour across the state of Minnesota, putting a face and a story to the brand. What started as a logo, packaging design and a launch video was suddenly turning into a Minnesota classic. People were drawn to the magnetic story and brand we’d helped create. Best yet, they were telling their friends and family about it too.


Exclusivity equals demand and the numbers don’t lie. Within its first 11 months it sold more than 20,000 cases and caught the attention of Beam Inc., who saw the success of 2 GINGERS as a high-water mark in authentic liquor marketing. Their distribution has powered 2 GINGERS into the national spotlight and launched a 13-market road tour to share their fine Irish Whiskey and incredible story directly with bars and consumers. Ask for a 2 GINGERS the next time you’re out, and share in the story. But don’t forget to bring your own luck.