April 17, 2017

Future-Proofing the Lawn Mower


It’s that time of year again where we work our lawns back into shape from winter’s icy grips—and just in time. We’re thrilled to announce that Toro tapped SixSpeed for an integrated launch of their cutting edge PoweReverse Personal Pace Recycler Lawn Mower.

According to Wade Tollison, Senior Marketing Manager at Toro, “This is a product that must be experienced.” When people first hear about the technology for the first time, they’re interested, but not sold. However, once they try it, they love it and want to buy it. In fact, 14 out of 15 people chose Toro’s new product during a focus group where they were able to demo the new PoweReverse Personal Pace Recycler along with four other comparably priced mowers.

“This product launch represents a new level of innovation for Toro, from the way ethnographic insights led to the development of the product to how we’re going to market it in an experiential way,” said SixSpeed Chief Marketing Officer Bob Molhoek. “We knew traditional advertising was not the solution and are thrilled that Toro turned to SixSpeed to help with their first integrated experiential campaign.”

Translating this meant putting The Power of Mowbility into the hands of real people to experience the difference firsthand. The experiential campaign begins in Atlanta, GA on April 22 with content and a digital campaign to follow.

Learn more about the insights behind Toro’s groundbreaking new product, here.


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