Putting a Spotlight on Adrenaline

Polaris RZR, the world leader in off-road adrenaline, was set to launch their all-new RZR Pro XP. This was going to be the biggest product launch in the history of the brand, as the Pro XP was engineered to usher in the next generation of RZR vehicles with its unbeatable combination of pro performance, visionary design and brute strength.

Polaris came to us looking for ways to showcase this new class of machine in a way that would leave no doubt in consumers minds that RZR is the world leader in off-road adrenaline.

Broadcasting a Brand

But how to best talk to RZR’s core audience? Legacy media simply wouldn’t achieve the needed immediacy or reach. And traditional Ride & Drive events are limited in the number of people they influence.

We needed to be seen, heard and believed in real-time on a wide scale.

Event as Experience

Our solution was to create a brand-immersive launch event, inviting top off-road ambassadors, influencers and endemic press to experience this untouchable machine up-close and in-person. By giving them an experience they couldn’t help but talk about, our reach would be more authentic and wider-reaching than just RZR-owned channels or a consumer experience could hope to be.

We then coordinated everything to coincide with the vehicle launch, creating an inescapable buzz within the industry, filling the community channels with immediate, authentic and engaging content that was impossible to ignore.

Driving Serious Impressions

One month after the event our attendees and Polaris-owned social generated 589 posts leading to 67,504,077 impressions of the hype of the new machine, helping RZR Pro XP completely dominate the industry conversation.


Experiential Production
Photo & Video Capture

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Influencer Strategy