On September 26, 2015 the world was introduced to CLIF Bar CykelScramble, the totally awesome bike relay race and festival where anything could happen and probably would. See how SixSpeed brought a napkin sketch from the company’s founder into the real world, creating a brand platform and unique race and festival experience.


Since 1992, CLIF Bar & Company has quietly built one of America’s greatest outdoor adventure brands. But they were missing one key thing—an event of their own, a flagship CLIF Bar brand experience that would connect their “born on a bike” origins with their athletic adventure ethos and put it all on display for anyone to participate in. Over the course of 18 months, we used our brand, digital and event expertise to build the vision and execute a single day festival in Marin County for thousands of fans and hundreds of athletes.


Since this was CLIF Bar’s first step into a owned-brand event we had to find a new visual language and expression that bridged the CLIF Bar brand with the over-the-top and all-new nature of CykelScramble. The resulting name, logo, creative direction and creative campaign previewed every facet of the festival vibe. Hand-drawn characters, accents and a lighthearted, DIY brand voice honored a festival experience best described as Bikes! Food! Beer! Cold War Kids! Ohh Yeahhh! Our campaign was supported with in-market outdoor, radio, grassroots and influencer outreach.


With a fully custom and never-been-done course built for mayhem in place (thanks H5 events!), SixSpeed built and executed a branding plan down to every detail around the consumer and athlete experience.


7,000 people enjoyed watching 240 athletes compete on a course made for mayhem.

Surround that craziness with a food truck festival and free concert from the Cold War Kids and you have a truly original and event celebrating the amazing power of getting on a bike and having fun with your family and friends. SixSpeed managed the athlete experience from website registration to the last light of the day. As well, we directed and produced the six-hour Live Show and field reporting—all of which culminated in a sun-down performance from the Cold War Kids for thousands.


What’d you expect putting Olympic athletes and regular joes together on the same track? Not only did CLIF Bar founder Gary Erickson sub in and run hot laps, he called the event one of the top five days in company history. If it’s about living your values as a brand, and not just telling, then CLIF Bar CykelScramble is all of that and more.