Joining The Fight Against Poverty

Launching A Constellation

The Constellation Fund is a new philanthropic organization dedicated to fighting poverty in the Twin Cities. But, like poverty itself, the Constellation Fund isn’t that simple. To combat this issue in the most effective way, they take an unconventional approach that uses data and research to find and engage the largest poverty-fighting impacts in the community.


Understanding Leads To Action

For the most part, people are willing to help others who are less fortunate—in the form of $20 or $100 or perhaps much more monthly, annually, etc. But without a way to tell how far that money goes, it’s difficult to project how impactful donations are.

The Constellation Fund uses an approach that is both qualitative and quantitative. It’s more intensive and forward-thinking than traditional giving, and that needed to be understood. To help people comprehend this new method of philanthropy, videos needed to be made to convey the complexities of the Constellation Fund in a branded way.

The final product was emailed out to 500 donor prospects this morning and is up on our site—it's everything that we had hoped for, and was and will continue to be a critical asset for us.


Connecting The Dots

Because there were two separate messages, there was a need for two distinct videos (seen below as one). The first video speaks more to who Constellation Fund is and the second one identifies the method they use to fight poverty. Video one features more found footage, and the second one was crafted frame by frame with great intent; to be on brand, uplifting, and visually pleasing. Custom illustrations and animations were created to make it entirely ownable and unique to Constellation and the positive change they fight for.

The Impact

The desired result of these videos was to educate and inform potential donors, build a new brand, and to increase donations with the intent to fight poverty. The donations thus far have eclipsed $1.65M and while the impact these videos will have on the community is yet to be determined this is certain: Constellation Fund is doing great work, and it’s an honor to be a part of it.

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