An Off-Road Opportunity

Polaris RANGER has long been a symbol of hard work and dedication to one’s craft. They wanted to highlight the vast accessory options that were available for their new XP 1000.

These vehicles—dubbed RANGER Collections——were created by the brand ambassadors themselves; as they chose the accessories they would want on each machine to make them best suited to their areas of expertise:


Host and Producer of DIY Network's "Barnwood Builders"

Lee & Tiff LAKOSKY

Renowned Big Game Hunters and Hosts of "The Crush"

Tony Vandemore

Renowned Waterfowl Hunter and Owner of Habitat Flats

Trevor Brazile

World Champion, Entrepreneur and Rancher

It’s About The People

We knew the best way to highlight these vehicles and pay off the Driven to Do More brand mantra was to focus on the ambassador’s themselves—shifting the approach from product-focused stories to people-focused ones. By telling each ambassador’s story first, we could more organically demonstrate how RANGER supports and enhances their everyday activities.

Content As Campaign

The result was four unique content pieces that reinforce RANGER’s brand values of hard work and dedication. Each RANGER Collection story brings a different facet of the Driven To Do More brand mantra to life, showing the many virtues of the product through the lens of the ambassador and highlighting the benefits instead of just extolling features.

Best-In-Class Reach

The campaign achieved impressive reach, with the Mark Bowe piece racking up the most views Polaris has ever had on their Facebook channel. Beyond reach, the campaign also successfully reinforced the RANGER ethos in an inspirational way.


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