Spurred by an explosion of the sport in the late 2000s, wake boat manufacturers Supra and Moomba were ready for a change. Their parent company, Skier’s Choice, expanded production, invested in a streamlined manufacturing process, and was laser-focused on building the right boat to satisfy the unique and growing wake sports crowd.

What Supra and Moomba didn’t have, was a definite direction moving forward with their brands. They were struggling to differentiate themselves in the niche industry, and neither had a strong brand identity. Because the product and positioning couldn’t be easily articulated, both brands were essentially talking to the same audience.

Supra and Moomba approached SixSpeed early-on knowing they needed help refining their brand identity. Moomba needed to speak to a more value-focused consumer whereas Supra was focused on more established wake sports enthusiasts who weren’t willing to compromise. SixSpeed’s challenge was to help craft ownable identities for both Supra and Moomba that resonated with their respective consumers.


Moomba Boats: A Brand Built On Next Level Fun

Moomba was founded 25 years ago on the idea of bringing the expensive tow boat experience to the masses. Although well regarded in the industry, the brand needed a cohesive identity and unique personality to set it apart from not only the competition but also Supra. As the industry trend moved from waterskiing to wakeboarding to surfing, Moomba saw the opportunity to connect with a segment of the wake sports crowd that was all about a fun, relaxed experience on the water.

The creative team took inspiration directly from surf culture. Moomba equals fun, and everything from the bright color pallet to the carefree voice and tone is geared towards consumers who live for endless summers and big wakes to surf. The result is a brand that sells a next-level fun experience and peace of mind over features and benefits.



Supra Boats: Where Passion Meets Precision

Since their founding in 1981, Supra has focused on providing the most innovative, highest quality tow boats to its uncompromising customers. Unfortunately, their marketing was out of sync with their consumer. Supra needed help to fully realize its promise—Where Passion Meets Precision—so it would connect with wake sports enthusiasts at the highest level who were focused on precision, performance, and luxury.

An enthusiast brand like Supra requires special attention to the emotional connection between the core user and the product. The consumer’s passion for a performance wake boat lies not only in pursuing the sport at the highest level but also time spent with family and friends making memories on the water. By tapping into these insights, the creative team was able to better articulate the experience in the creative messaging and design choices.


Setting an aspirational tone for Supra was critical in elevating the brand. All aspects of the marketing needed to point towards an athletic elegance that reflected confidence and precision on the water. Capturing dynamic, lifestyle-focused imagery in exotic locations illustrated the clear advantage of towing behind a Supra—the perfect wake for any activity, pure luxury, and making lasting memories on the water.


A New Direction Forward

After solidifying each brand’s unique identity, SixSpeed helped Supra and Moomba with a complete overhaul of their marketing collateral, positioning and messaging to better communicate the new direction of each. Along with brochures and catalogs, SixSpeed designed a best-in-class boat builder to help consumers build the tow boat of their dreams.


A Measurable Impact On The Bottom Line

Since partnering with SixSpeed, both Supra and Moomba have seen measurable growth in website traffic, ad impressions, dealer referrals, and ultimately, the number of boats being sold. The perception of both brands, especially Supra, has solidified over the past several years cementing Supra and Moomba as premium wake boat brands.