JANUARY 9, 2015

Waffle Wednesday

If you ever find yourself in the SixSpeed offices on a Wednesday morning, don’t be surprised if you are greeted with a waffle hot off the iron. For the past three months producers Caleb Barton, Andrew Ellingson, and Katie Tuggle have been coming in early to create crazy, innovative and original waffles for the team to enjoy.

Early one morning, our producers were in need of something to kick-start the workday. While searching throughout the cabinets, they found something much greater than a simple snack—a waffle iron, a month’s supply of waffle mix and a jug of syrup. That morning a tradition was born and as the weeks advanced, so did the demand.

Inspiration for each waffle comes from team suggestions, favorite foods and seasonal trends. The first month, Waffle Wednesday stayed pretty straightforward with blueberry waffles and chocolate chip waffles. Delicious, yes, but they lacked that SixSpeed wow factor. That’s when the cinnamon roll waffles rolled out. Then ice cream waffles with a flaming brandy glaze. Once Thanksgiving turkey waffles with rosemary butter and a cranberry glaze hit, Waffle Wednesday had reached a whole new level.

Every Wednesday at 7:30am, the Waffle Wednesday crew preps for a new creation to share with their fellow SixSpeeders. We can’t guarantee there’ll be much left if you stop in, but when a recipe strikes gold, you’ll be the first to know.


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