February 23, 2015

A Mural with Drive

Whenever a new face enters SixSpeed, we want them to be greeted with something boldly imaginative and purpose-driven. Upon moving into our new space several months ago, it was never a question of if, but rather what we’d make to achieve such a goal. Our vision led us to pair up with an artist whose work personifies the very qualities we value most – the Twin Cities’ own Adam Turman.

Turman and SixSpeed’s collaboration began with hours of brainstorming, sketches and revisions. We worked until we landed on an image that would remind clients of SixSpeed’s ability to inspire breakthrough ideas and creative solutions. It was also about reemphasizing to our family of partners and hard working professionals how we function as a finely-tuned, high-output creative machine. Simply stated – we handle business. Once the final sketches were approved and colors were refined, Turman and company went to work. The final product holds true to our vision, illustrating the full-throttle power and precision that’s earned us our name.


Ready to shift into high gear?